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Renee Gory


Nature and its potential to create and destroy does not consistently operate as an EOE (equal opportunity employer). Who is to say that what died in the fall will be reborn with equal constitution in the spring? There is science and regular 'ol neglect that weigh the outcome. I have witnessed a well-manicured, lush, green lawn turn burnt-yellow with bare dirt patches, never to return to its initial grandeur again. Ornamental blossoming crab trees whose leaves practically bud brown & crunchy, hitting the ground way before their time even began.

Life expectancy and quality are relative to multiple cycles of many seasons. Currently, I have encountered a rotting one: growing older, loosing color and will. Blossoming, yet beautifully dead.

Recent Exhibitions: Softcore Pornography (Century 900, 2001); Compound Fracture (Hyde Park Art Center, 2001); Organic Produce (International Museum of Surgical Science, 2000).