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Press Release

Our primary interest with Dogmatic was to take advantage of the natural structure of the space (main living room, basement, unfinished back basement), to submit to the structure, but bend this structure across our own themes (rather than become preoccupied with issues about galleries, homes, space itself, etc.). Both floors will have their own variation of clutter, but tied together with a giant rabbit character who belongs in the more exclusive downstairs, but has been ejected into the open chatter of the upstairs.

Renee Gory and I are treating the downstairs as a cross between a psychedelic basement garden, a faery tale clearing and the backroom to a crusty late 70's rock club. The first basement room will be populated with mushrooms and perched birds -- constructed from foil and cheap craft materials -- milling about like disgruntled scenesters. The walls will be littered with flyers dominated by paramilitary gnomes and fantasy creatures, but leaving enough room for two painting sets. My set will include oblong scenes of militant musclewomen, mods and female skinheads as rival cultivation guilds. Renee will present a large canvas of animals and animate walnuts arranged as a mandala. The secondary basement room will be more of a VIP chamber: a dark incubation environment with a shallow grave/moat, soundtrack, garnished vegetal lamps, and a dingy occultist lawn gnome with his cronies.

Renee's giant rabbit stands a little over 6' with its head lowered in shame, its mouth taped and its hands bound. It will be sequestered to the upstairs reception room in the midst of Chuck Jones' installation. Chuck is playing the role of an outsider art ad-man, filling the room with round paintings (an extension of his recent button-making projects) of emblems, proclamations and jingos, as well as cut-outs of horned monsters. Employing "outsider work-habits" (with a nod to Raymond Pettibone and Marcel Dzama), the main reception room will become a swirl of utteramces and glitziness.

-- E.C. Brown