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E.C. Brown


    I have been using painting and crafting as a way to simultaneously indulge myself in developing fantasy worlds (aspiring to systems as elaborate as H.P. Lovecraft), as well as to create devices to respond to exhibition spaces and situations. This current show began with Renee and I talking and thinking about gardens (although we are no gardeners by any stretch) and transposing this to being in Dogmatic's basement.

    I have been creating oblong paintings of social enclosures: militant musclewomen, female skinheads, and occultist mods. The three are linked by methods in cultivation and entropy. Ultimately, these paintings will be tableaus to provide old-school idealist relics for a roomful of angry young hard-rock fungi scultptures.

    To match Renee's focus upon garden gnomes, animals, and her own lawn, I am also creating a series of cheap rock-show flyers which depict a militarist version of Brother's Grimm, again geared toward the young mushrooms. In the backmost basement room I'll join Renee in physically manifesting such a scenario: a scene where one of Renee's gnomes may employ necromancy in the company of a squad of humidifiers wearing rabbit skins.

Recent exhibitions: In the Realm of the Lair (Joymore, 2002); The Show: Works of Jack T. Chick (Links Hall, 2002); Softcore Pornography (Century 900, 2001); Compound Fracture (Hyde Park Art Center, 2001); Organic Produce (International Museum of Surgical Science, 2000).