She Shall Provide

A double memorial to their neighbor Roger Barringer and their dog Maggie.

A large installation constructed from the archives of Roger Barringer who passed away last year and left behind an immense collection of pornography. Almost 60 binders of magazine pages in plastic sheets were present (alphabetized by models' names), as well as written materials. Roger was also a practicing warlock, and polaroids of some of his nude consorts were posted.

Zena constructed the large pillow -- a portrait of Maggie -- which helped turn the installation into a comfortable reading room.


Roger Barringer as a young man:


"Biggest Fags Ever" image

Janell Baxter   Gisela Insuaste   Paul Nudd   Frank Pollard
Zena Sakowski + Rob Kelly   Annika Seitz   Sumakshi Singh
Micki Tschur   Chris Uphues