An entity that searches through the Internet for "offerings". Each that it finds triggers responses based on the entity's value system. A binder contained the explanation of the application, the coding, and an archive of images that it has manipulated.
Version 1 can be downloaded to your hard drive where it will seek out all the images in the memory. Coming soon is version 2 which will crawl the Web.

Artist statement

The application and image archives can be found at www.kittyspit.net/entDFP.


Abdominal Fluid
Compound Fracture exhibit
Organic Produce exhibit
Softcore Pornography exhibit

Janell Baxter   Gisela Insuaste   Paul Nudd   Frank Pollard
Zena Sakowski + Rob Kelly   Annika Seitz   Sumakshi Singh
Micki Tschur   Chris Uphues