The Cosmotic Order

A Society for the Appreciation of Cosmotic Nature and Winter Virtues

A Discipline for Reintegration with the Cosmos

We are a network of spiritual seekers who have recognized the truth of Cosmotic Nature, and aspire to Reintegration through advancement in stages of Cosmotic Appreciation. We revere the Winter seasons and Cold of Earth as Cosmotic virtues, as they create spiritual environments to help free us from reorganized nature. We uphold erotic combustion as the highest service of our flesh in the quest for Reintegration.

Since ancient times we have quietly pursued our spiritual goals, passing on our secrets (or arriving upon them quite accidentally), without obtrusive social ambitions. We recognize that living beings live and die according to the patterns of Nature, but view the current state of the world as a grotesque compression of reorganized nature, resulting from the worship of Sun-Gods, as well as instinctual heat-addiction inappropriately carried over from the age of agriculture. Reorganized nature has been overly successful in sustaining our warmth-addicted existence. A healthy human heart accepts the flow of blood, and expels it with sufficient force. So too must our species flow through the biosphere. The biospheric compression that inspires social violence may trim populations, but this does not entail Reintegration -- the enjoining with Cosmotic Nature on her own terms.

We are grateful for the Internet technology, that we may bring Cosmotic truth to public consciousness. Sites like this are being launched worldwide to outline our assigned path to bliss.