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Links to image galleries of Winter scenery

United States

Dan Heller Photography
    Snowy scenes of Yellowstone, primarily of the springs and of trees.

Luminous Landscapes
    A few images of Yellowstone at dawn.

Ray L. Doan
    Includes some nice shots of thin, isolated tree trunks.

Dale Malmedal
    Shots from Colorado of mountains and valleys, including some nice shots of mountains dwarfing a town with its evening lights.

Ramblin' Cameras
    New Mexico's Organ Mountains.

Canada and Alaska

Canadian Ice Service
    This page has a section for ice-related photos, but they are a bit grainy in their reproduction.

Cryosphere System in Canada
    A collection of snow, ice, iceberg and glacier photos.

Heli Canada Adventures
    Images of the Canadian Rockies.

Point Anderson
    Grand photos of Alaskan peaks. Also visit his Glaciers gallery.

Tongass National Forest
    A page of photos of the progression of the Hubbard glacier in Alaska.

Northern Canada Ice Country
    Some wonderful ice formations.

South America

Los Glaciares National Park
    A magnificent region of glaciers in the Argentinian Andes.

    The glaciers of Patagonia.

Larry Chapman
    Mountains from the Cordillera Blanca range in Peru.

Arctic Regions

National Oceanic& Atmospheric Administration
    Their Arctic theme page offers many fine photos (animals and boat pictures aside).

Bryan and Cherry Alexander
    The "Sea Ice" and "Icebergs and Glaciers" galleries are especially pleasant. Also see the "Antarctic Landscape" gallery, although these are clearly images from the Arctic regions.

Jean-François Maïon
    Several galleries including Finland, Lapland, Iceland, and the Scandanavian Mountains.

Hinrich Baesemann
    Pictures of floating ice. You can also visit his Arctic Landscapes page, but the images are less pristine (although there is a nice image of a glacier pouring from jagged mountains into the sea).

K. Bruce Lane
    Some images of icebergs near Newfoundland and Labrador.

Scott Polar Research
    Images of icebergs and ice


Our Beautiful World
    Very peaceful Norwegian scenery.

    Visit the Forests, Mountains and Streams galleries.

    Scenes of snow and frost from Northern Finland.


Destination Iceland
    This site disappoints, except for this page of images of a frosty waterfall at Thingvellir National Park.

    Icebergs in the Jökulsárlón lagoon.

Blue Lagoon
    Never mind the geothermal baths -- there are some attractive images here of Iceland in Winter.

    A few decent shots of the Vatnajökull glacier.


Jack Stephens Images
    An extensive collection of landscapes, ice formations, and special phenomenon.

Marc Deneyer
    Beautiful black&white images of icebergs at Ilulissat.

Central Asia

Evert Wesker
    Images of ranges in Nepal, Kashmir and Pakistan, as well as some shots from the Arctic regions. Don't miss his link to a spectacular avalanche photo.

Project Himalaya
    It can be difficult to locate pristine photos of Everest, as alpinists on this quest are often stricken with narcissism, and dominate the images in any gallery. This site, however, does offer a few splendid images.

High Altitude Medicine Guide
    A few photos of mountains in the Himalayas.

Serac Adventure Films
    Images from an Everest expedition.

Asia Photo Gallery
    Peaks and glaciers from the region, although the photos are littered with alpinists. There is a fine shot of the Mustagh-Ata glacier.


Enjoy Japan
    A few images, mostly from the roadside.

Kawasaki Photo Studio
    Some scenes of frozen waters and frost.

Antarctic Waters

Mark J. Thomas
    Blue icebergs.

Cybamuse: Antarctica
    A nice portrayal of how Antarctic sea ice hardens to form tundras. Also visit the "icebergs" page. Other Antarctic pages are worth viewing, keeping in mind that these are images from the islands (and perhaps Arctic sources).

NOAA Photo Gallery
    The first two galleries provide fine examples of sea ice and icebergs. Page 3 of the "Outposts" gallery is worthwhile, and you might browse the "Historic Images" index with its mixture of fact and fiction.

David Stewart
    Images from the coastal islands, as well as a set of iceberg shots.

Endurance Expedition Images
    Frank Hurley's photos of the Endurance caught in the pack ice, although no images of the splintering. Still, a lesson to be learned.

Landscapes Antarctic
    Actually, icebergs and formations near the coastal islands, occasionally marred by the presence of penguins.


Peakware World Mountain Encyclopedia
    An immense index assorted by world regions, which unfold to photo galleries of individual peaks.

Webshots Winter Scenes
    Three gallery pages of dramatic photos.

World on Photo
    A Snow & Ice page.

Gerard Kingma
    Pictures of small-scale frost formations, possibly from Belgium or Holland.

NaturExposed Photography
    Trees as characters in a Winter scenery.

    Snow piled heavily upon vegetation.

All Azimuths Photo
    Alpine landscapes worldwide.

Bella Bon Lux
    Images of moderate snow over mountains.

NASA: Visible Earth
    Images of ice over land and water, photographed from the Cryosphere.

National Snow and Ice Data Center
    The photo galleries in this site may take some digging to find, so here are some links:

        Glacier gallery (American Geographical Society Collection)
        Staff photos (includes a beautiful set of glacial calving)
        Snow gallery

Peter Knight
    Site includes image galleries of Greenland, Iceland, and glaciers on volcanos.

Hilde Aardal
    Various shots of floating ice.

Sea Ice Nomenclature
    Definitions of various types of sea ice, with images.

Compiled by the Cosmotic Order, Chicago Chapter