The Cosmotic Order presents

Audio Program for Cosmotic Appreciation Training

We maintain that Cosmotic Appreciation and Reintegration is not an esoteric discipline that only a few seekers can master. Anyone willing to take gradual steps toward the Cosmos in their daily life may walk the path.

Overcoming our defensive biological programming -- the very essence of our brainstem -- is not a matter to be taken lightly. Casual appreciation of Winter virtues is easy enough, but true Cosmotic Appreciation requires a gradual acclimation. This may be accomplished by will alone, but we have endeavored to publish an audio tool that will assist with negotiating the body's automatic functions.

As human bodies, we are designed to persevere. All matter gravitates to the Cosmos, yet the body's resistance to pain and death are formidable (and for good reason -- so as not to simply perish prior to Reintegration). Pain awareness and response, being so necessary to biospheric survival, inhibits our contact with the Cosmos. Essentially, a relative "evil" that obstructs "goodness".

How this Audio Program Works

We have provided a series of downloadable sound files that may be organized as a listening program to accompany exposure to Cold. These sounds are intended to be heard over headphones, either outdoors or indoors with suitable Cold temperatures (Cold that is deemed "uncomfortable"). The recordings are organized into two series: nocireceptive inhibitors and thermoreceptive enhancers, to be interspersed with biofrequency stabilizers.

The goal here is to maintain the body's awareness and vivid experience with Cold sensations, but prevent the brain's automatic tendency to overcompensate (ie., lowering the pain threshold via the limbic system) for impending stress, for the sake of biological homeostasis.

The nocireceptive inhibitor tracks do not cause desensitization of skin receptors, but relax the thalamus and hypothalamus in the brain stem so that the nocireceptive impulses can be accurately experienced as "pain" or "discomfort", but hormones are not release to activite automatic body functions, and the pain threshold is not lowered. In short, the listener can consciously understand a sensation as pain upon the body, but not undergo biological stress.

The thermoreceptive enhancers deepen our receptivity to Coldness, coordinate our parietal lobe with our frontal lobe, and increase synchronization among the various regions of our cerebral cortex. What was previously understood as an epidermal sensation can become linked to our conceptual functions. The experience of Cold is felt as a new and profound intellectual (and emotional) experience.

Rather than design these sounds as a trance-inducing soundtrack, these tracks are kept relatively brief, with biofrequency stabilizers to reorient attention and consciousness. It is important to mention here that the Cosmotic Order does not endorse audio therapy techniques that are centered upon sound frequencies and brainwave modulation. Such research (or so-called "light-and-sound" devices) may have some merit in treating minor biological maladies, but serves as a confused and inappropriate approach toward Cosmotic consciousness. Our bodies do not hold the keys to the Cosmos. They are simply the materials and obstacles that we are required to work with. Any use of calculated tones/frequencies in these recordings are used exclusively to reiterate our thread to crude biological awareness. Again, the primary goal is the reduction of pain response and the simultaneous enhancement and cognitive apprehension of a Cold environment. This is not a bioelectrical matter, but involves a holistic melding of our reasoning, biology, and our Cosmotic reality and yearnings. This is an endeavor that is just as much spiritual as physical. The real substance of these recordings involves microcomplexities of rhythms, disruptions and shifts in sounds. Exposure to these minute patterns is what beckons our Cosmotic selves. Without establishing a link to Cosmotic reality, the primary goal of these recordings would not be possible.

This audio program is intended in conjunction with daily sessions of Cold exposure. Over time, when the brain can revise its method for processing neural signals associated with Cold, and our bodies can accept Coldness as a state-of-being as opposed to a cause for defense and hormonal response.

Directions for Use

The following is the intended program for creating a CD or MP3 playlist. We recommend that full-sized, sealed stereo headphones be used during playback. When organizing tracks, be sure that the time-lapse or pauses between tracks are set to zero. The entire playlist should repeat for about one hour (about 5 cycles).


    Nocireceptive #1
      - Stabilizer #1
   Nocireceptive #2
      - Stabilizer #1
   Nocireceptive #3
      - Stabilizer #3a
   Thermoreceptive #1
      - Stabilizer #2
   Thermoreceptive #2
      - Stabilizer #2
   Thermoreceptive #3
      - Stabilizer #3b or #3c

For the final track of the each cycle, alternate Stabilizer #3b and#3c.

Entire cycle: approximately 12 minutes


The following are high quality MP3's, compressed at 160 kbps.

    Nocireceptive #1   (4963 K;   4 min 14 sec)
    Nocireceptive #2   (2735 K;   2 min 20 sec)
    Nocireceptive #3   (1642 K;   1 min 24 sec)

    Thermoreceptive #1   (1180 K;   1 min 0 sec)
    Thermoreceptive #2   (1701 K;   1 min 27 sec)
    Thermoreceptive #3   (1383 K;   1 min 11 sec)

    Stabilizer #1   (79 K;   4 sec)
    Stabilizer #2   (79 K;   4 sec)
    Stabilizer #3a   (79 K;   4 sec)
    Stabilizer #3b   (86 K;   4 sec)
    Stabilizer #3c   (113 K;   6 sec)

Other Noteworthy Recordings

John Hudak is a recordist from New York who has been involved with Cosmotic audio research for many years. He created the MP3 Snow to document the mathmatical patterns of snowfall.