June 8 until June 22, 2001


E.C. Brown, organizer

The exhibit came about when I was giving my girlfriend (Janell Baxter) some small paintings on her birthday - a mixture of female bodybuilders and cats (mutual interests). Juanita Guerrero, who manages Century 900 and also runs a women's gym, noticed these from the next table and eventually offered the space to me. The paintings were images I normally only make for Janell, and were quite different than my current work. I decided to take the opportunity to make the most indulgent paintings I had ever presented publicly, and named the show appropriately. Having ample space in the gallery to work with, I invited nine other artists to apply themselves to the title somehow. They weren't required to make work with sexual themes or nudity, but if they did, they were encouraged to observe "softcore" as a parameter.

View the initial paintings here

I recently organized two other group shows: "Organic Produce" and "Compound Fracture"
View them here

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Renee Gory      Jeni Swerdlow      Ralph Syverson     Micki Tschur      Chris Uphues

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