THE LONGEST PISS         A somewhat premature retrospective of the paintings of Renee Gory and EC Brown, 1990's - 2000's     at Butcher Shop Dogmatic

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September 9 - October 7, 2006

Closing event: Saturday, Oct. 7, 6-9pm

Refreshments served

Gallery hours:
Saturdays 12 noon - 6pm
or by appointment

Renee Gory


EC Brown


Butcher Shop Dogmatic brings EC Brown and Renee Gory back together for an dual, premature retrospective. Brown and Gory exhibited at Dogmatic in 2003 with Tune In Turn On Get Out and Stay Out (an exhibition shared with Chuck Jones) and collaborated for Joymore's Thrill III: The Party, and they have shown together at a number of exhibits Brown has curated in Chicago. When collaborating Brown and Gory generally produce whimsical, dilapidated sculptural installations. For The Longest Piss, however, they will drop overt collaboration tactics and hang the painting series they have respectively been working on throughout almost the entirety of their friendship (they met in 1995), as well as numerous artworks they have exchanged as holiday gifts. The two have not had the opportunity to hang so many years worth of work together en masse, and the scale of the BSD space will afford them
the opportunity to investigate existing yet previously unnoticed threads between their works, not to mention new threads enforced by the premise and situation of the exhibit.

Brown and Gory have each been involved with painting series that are thematically and formally consistent (Gory's series began in 1994; Brown's in 2001), both involving an iconic cast of characters epic amplifications of their day-to-day preoccupations. Gory floats vintage toys, pets and food products in a celestial and formalistic space, evoking both West Coast pop and questionable decorative arts. Brown's tableau illustrations of social guilds (female bodybuilders, Swinging Londoners, etc.) stem from his fascination with Japanese art cinema.
  Brown/Gory joint-exhibition history:

COMA 2 (2006)
BMOMA #2 (2005)
Thrill III: The Party (2003)
Tune In Turn On Get Out and Stay Out (2003)
Softcore Pornography (2001)
Compound Fracture (2001)
Organic Produce (2000)
Snake Fist and Crane Fist (1997)


The Cutest Dog in the Universe


The Handsomest Man West of Boystown
Butcher Shop Dogmatic is located at 1319 W. Lake St, between Ashland and Racine, south side of the street.   It's easy to pass it up because the area is unlit, so look for a cluster of cars that seem to have no reason to be there.   Here's the MapQuest link.   Contact: Michael Thomas, 312-375-7757 or