Floor Length and Tux


  1. Jon Bollo, Tinker, Texture, Narcissist, Spy
  2. EC Brown
  3. Meg Duguid, w is for warhol. Candy with Andy Warhol comemorative plate.
  4. Chris Hammes. Curry-flavored popcorn.
  5. Chris Hefner
  6. Brandon Heuser
  7. Angela Lopez
  8. Liz Nielsen, Diet Pizza
  9. Stephen Nyktas
  10. Catie Olson, Caketrope
  11. Dan Paz, Rangefinder
  12. Frank Pollard
  13. Dawn Reed + Carl Warnick, Plate of Napkins: The difficulty of a family member with objectionable political views. Wooden plate sculpted by the artists' father.
  14. Kristen Romaniszak, Floorplan
  15. Julie Rudder
  16. Rusty Shackleford
  17. Edra Soto
  18. Brett Williams

Homemade chili by Sam Mattone and bread by Melissa Stanley

Event photos by Carl Warnick