Installation shot
Beta Phase #2, 2004
Acrylic and ink on wood
9" x 36"
Aromatic Front #1, 2005
Acrylic and ink on wood
6" x 20"

Amy Albracht   Jason Robert Bell   EC Brown   Sue Friesz   Beniah Leuschke
Heather Masciandaro   Frank Pollard   Ben Stone   Micki Tschur


I have been producing series of small, elongated paintings depicting militant labor societies involved in a symbiotic cease-fire, and often trailing off the plot to scan details of their environments and trades.

New works will springboard from a painting of babysharksbeing acclimated to nurturing (created for a "domestic design" exhibit last Summer), including images of muscular female athletes contestingin a subterranean decathalon, and Modernist/Saxon ladies involved inmystical narcotics.


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