COMA 16: Roam (If You Want To)
  January 12, 2008

COMA Archives

Academy Records
  Sandbox/Simparch Taos 2000
Letterpress on paper
17" x 11"

Kim Ambriz
  Chapultepec, México D.F.
Dead grass, shrouded trees and owl messengers on paper
42" x 21"

Janell Baxter
Digital prints
19" x 13" each

More on the ent series

Kristen Cox
Holga prints: photos from the Caribbean coast and San Jose, Costa Rica
4" x 4" each

Jeff DeGolier
Mixed media
9" x 11" x 9"

Frank DiGiovanni

  Oh, the Places You'll Go
Found toy with collage
6" x 6" x 2"

Katy Fischer
  Ellis Isle
Paint and Lego piece on basket
5" x 8" x 5"

Julia Hechtman
  Birds of Australia
Digital photo slideshow

View (3MB PDF)

John Henley

Sets for Il Ragazzo della Fisairmonica animated video
Mixed media on cardboard with lighting

Matthew Hollis
Framed photo
9" x 11"

Photographs from Seville, Spain
6" x 4" each

Kevin Jennings
  Custom iron-on

Rashid Johnson
  Starting Over
Mixed media on platter and cup

Brian Kapernekas
  Rock Markers Rock!
  (a pennant for the traveller who fanatically marks their territory)

Oil, enamel and acrylic on spun polyester
12" x 32"

Alex Killough
  I Found Out Long Ago...
Digital projection

View video file (37 MB .mp4)

Stuff Out of Our Pockets:
  Surrey, London, Amsterdam, Brussels

(with Samira Selod)
Mixed media
23" x 32"

T.W. Li
  Rest Stops
Inkjet prints
3" x 4" each

Jeanne Markell

  Refrigerator Magnet Travelogue

Dutes Miller
  Automatic Drawings in Collaboration with the CTA
18 ink drawings on graphed tracing paper with gromits
11" x 8.5" each

Mican Morgan
  COMA Travel
Compilation of Bollywood music, played during event

Mindy Rose Schwartz
  Squeezed in
Graphite and watercolor on mulberry paper
25" x 18"

Annika Seitz
  Burnt Senegalese mafe
Recipe and photos from Jeni Swerdlow



Edra Soto
  Bola de Fuego
Puerto Rican paté with photo appliqué and recipe card

Photos from a visit to Puerto Rico

Bert Stabler
  Lleno de Gusanas
Adjusted calendar with periodical clipping
18" x 27"

Micki Tschur
  Am I Abnormal Too?

Siebren Versteeg
  No Points Between
Paint, sheet metal and screws on basket
5" x 9" x 5"

Philip Von Zweck
  Every Hotel 1990-Present
29 Bibles with brief annotations


Ben Stone, aka DJ Kapn Krunk

COMA Archives